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Welcome to the site devoted to one of my favorite vintage snowmobiles...Skiroule! These green (aka Pickle) sleds have become a rare sight to see chugging down a snowy trail or buzzing across some frozen lake. There are still some out there forgotten in a barn or in use by a die hard vintage enthusiast. Hopefully this site will help in providing some information on these great snowmobiles. It is dedicated to all vintage snowmobile and Skiroule enthusiasts.

Skiroule was a division of the Coleman Company, Inc. The same company that makes the many outdoor and camping products today. They were made in Wickham, Quebec. The first prototypes were made in 1962 and production lasted from 1966 until 1977 although very few 1977's were produced. In 1975 Skiroule was purchased by Herbert M. Karol, a Boston industrialist and president of H.M.K. Manufacturing Company of Montreal, Quebec. These last models all have the HMK emblem on the front of the hood.

Two basic styles of snowmobiles were built by Skiroule. The 1966 to 1971 (and some 1972) models had the rounded hoods and the rear of the engine was exposed. There was no mistaking where the carburetor was located! Then a drastic styling change took place in 1972 where Skiroule's took on a much more sleak and modern look. Innovative design and performance kept Skiroule around for a number of years until finally becoming another orphan snowmobile like the hundred or so before it. Only a few snowmobile makes remained after Skiroule such as Rupp (until 1978), Scorpion (until 1978), Kawasaki (until 1982), Moto-Ski (until 1983), and John Deere (until 1984). Also Arctic Cat for a brief period and then coming back into business. Then only the big four remained after that and are still going strong today; Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris, and Ski-Doo.

Thanks for stopping by Skiroule Central. If you have any information that you would like to add or if you have any corrections, E-mail me at The classifieds and discussion board is open to ALL makes of vintage snowmobiles. Be sure to check back for future updates.

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