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Roadside Find!

It was hot, muggy day in the Summer of 2002. Snowmobiles weren't exactly on my mind as turned up the air conditioning a notch. A friend called and told me that I wouldn't believe what he had just passed along the side of the road... a Skiroule at the curbside ready for trash pickup! He had passed it up along his route to work on some busy highway in the middle of metro suburbia. I hooked up the trailer and headed into the city in search of the Roadside Roule.

Sure enough there it sat, a 1971 S-400 ready for trash pickup! That old familiar green / turquoise machine sat in contrast to the sprawling new huge houses which now populate the area heavily. The owner had a puzzled look on her face as I asked if it was okay to take it. She said that it's all yours and also that it sat back behind their house when they bought their house several years ago. So, with sweat pouring off of my forehead on that muggy August night, I loaded up the old gem into the trailer as the cars whizzed by me at high speeds.

The first thing I noticed is that the old Roule had weeds growing out of it! Yeah, some pretty big milk weeds somehow rooted themselves in the seat and various holes. Beer bottle glass was also scattered all around the engine! This sled was obviously trashed and coated in a thick layer of mud. The scene at the nearby quarter car wash was classic. As I aimed the high pressure washer at the rotted out seat, the whole seat flew right off of the sled! As it dangled there by the tail light wire, I paused for a moment and tore it the rest of the way off and then continued to throw it into the nearby garbage barrel.

Well I got it home and come to find out the engine is froze... no big surprise really. It looks like most of the parts are on the sled and it might come in handy one of these days. As the old saying goes... one mans (womans in this case) trash is another mans treasure!

... Thanks "C"...

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